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TCFD Compliance Check

Mandatory TCFD laws came into effect on April the 6th 2022. Read more about these new laws and find out for whether they apply to you here. For most large public companies, and private companies who are either in excess of £500m turnover or have over 500 employees, they do apply. These companies are now required to create climate-related financial disclosure reports for presentation to investors, regulators and the public, in line with TCFD reporting standards. For the majority of companies, this is a new process which has not been explicitly addressed in the past.

That’s why we devised our TCFD compliance check. We understand sustainability regulations and have developed a set of tools to help our customers comply and more importantly understand where their risks lie. During 2022 we have been working closely with Microsoft and the Met Office as part of the AI for Sustainability Accelerator and this has allowed us to integrate and automate global climate forecasting for any grid square in the world up until 2100, for your own operations as well as your key suppliers.

Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) Regulatory Check Up

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What does the process look like?


The complete TCFD check is a module of our core service, GreenInsight supply chain & procurement analysis. We can perform a stand-alone variant upon request, but the integrated service provides a much more in-depth result as it shows you which suppliers and which goods and services you are most reliant upon, this helps you to run risk scenarios and estimate the cost implications of second sourcing. The stand-alone variant covers your organisations physical risks only. The process described below is for the complete service, and assumes you have already completed the preliminary stage of a GreenInsight analysis.


To begin with, you provide us the locations of your offices, facilities, key suppliers and holdings, which we will check for physical risks. If you have less critical areas you desire checked, we can include them. There isn’t a limit on how many holdings and suppliers we can check, but it will impact the total cost of the service. Otherwise, the cost is generally determined by the size of your organisation and supply chain.


We will then analyse each location for physical risks such as extreme heat, precipitation, wind, flooding, sea level rise and fire. How long it takes depends on the extent of the organisation and supply chain, but it generally takes no longer than two weeks.


Completion and Output
Once the TCFD check is completed, we provide you an output on the various risks and likelihoods of climate disruption for your supply chain, and specific risks for any holdings or crucial suppliers you wished us to check, covering the full range requested by the TCFD. We will give this to you in a format easy for you to present to the TCFD or other regulatory bodies, shareholders and investors.

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What does the TCFD check cover?

  • Physical and transitory risks
  • Supply chain risks
  • Governance
  • Strategy
  • Metrics and targets
  • Additional holdings at request
  • Additional suppliers at request

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What benefits do you gain from the TCFD check?

  • Save time and money as opposed to trying to do it in house
  • Significantly cheaper than consultants for the same benefits
  • Gain the peace of mind of knowing your compliance has been checked to TCFD standards
  • Allow you to make the most informed decisions going forward, as via our relationship with the MET Office we can give you the best possible data on climate risks to your supply chain, holdings and suppliers
  • Experiment with these risks and futures to determine the actions you can take using our scenario planner, where we can run various possible events to see how they will affect your organisation and supply chains
  • Our TCFD compliance reports are outputted in a format that can be easily adopted for presentation to shareholders, investors, the TCFD, and other regulatory bodies
TCFD data

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Long Term

TCFD reports must be submitted annually. After performing the first check, we can set up a recurring check to review your organisation on a continual annual basis in time for you to make your report.


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