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How you can save millions with GreenInsight?

GreenInsight is our flagship service, an AI capable of analysing your procurement and supply chain to paint a clear picture of where it’s going right, and where it’s going wrong, allowing you to significantly reduce your carbon emissions and reach net-zero.

But GreenInsight doesn’t just help you cut down your carbon emissions, it also helps you make significant cash savings. There tends to be a belief that cutting down on carbon is a costly endeavor. As though the two live on the opposite ends of a scales and when you pull carbon down, expenses must go up. But in our experience the opposite is more often true. Saving carbon is also saving money. The more efficient your organisation is, the less carbon it produces and the less money it spends. All it takes it knowing how to make the organisation more efficient, which is what we help you with.

We have found that for most, a 1% saving in carbon emissions translates to 1% cashable saving in turnover, which for most large organisations will be a number in the tens of millions.

This is because whether cutting costs or cutting carbon, typically your actions will be the same. By cutting out unnecessary services, getting your goods for the lowest price and finding out where all the money is actually going, you can make significant progress in both areas simultaneously.

The only problem is identifying where these issues are, a difficult problem when most supply chains and procurement systems are so complex. This problem is rectified by GreenInsight AI, which is trained to handle the millions of lines of code and find every specific item in these procurement data sets, then lay out the details in an easy to understand format which obviates any problems. The other large part of cutting costs and carbon is working with suppliers which is where the bulk of both will come from. For most large companies, eighty percent of carbon and cost comes from their top one hundred suppliers. GreenInsight ranks these suppliers by cost and carbon, allowing you to start optimising your supply chain.

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Protect yourself from future losses due to climate change disruption with the TCFD Compliance Check

Climate change will inevitably lead to significant disruption of supply chains across the world. We have already seen a taster of this with covid-19, which caught many organisations unprepared. GOV UK amongst many others are now enforcing TCFD compliant reporting for larger organisations, requiring companies to provide a climate risk analysis of their supply chains and holdings.

We believe that those who embrace this early on and work to make their supply chains more resilient will benefit greatly in the future, when their rivals are scrambling to switch suppliers and shore-up their supply chains. Using our TCFD Compliance Checking service you can examine your most crucial suppliers and holdings for the odds of cliamte disruption in the coming decades. Via our partnership with the MET office we are able to provide detailed forecasts of drought, flooding and extreme weather events. Following this you can inform your suppliers of their risks and have them invest in countermeasures, or switch to other, better positioned suppliers whilst taking action to protect your own holdings. As climate change proceeds it is likely the better positioned suppliers will receive increasing demand as more and more switch, so it is recommended to begin early.

Our TCFD service is an add-on requiring a GreenInsight analysis to be performed first, so we can properly check your suppliers for risks. However we can perform a stand-alone physical risks check covering your own holdings if you are still on the fence about the complete package, but keep in mind our slots are booking up fast.

If you’re interested in performing a TCFD check you find more information on it here, or you can book a demo and begin the process now.

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