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Carbon Accounting Software

Welcome to CO2A Global. We provide an award-winning carbon accounting solution.

Our unique AI analyses your carbon emissions quickly and accurately, giving you the tools you need to reach net zero.

What is Carbon Accounting?

A procedure in which a business takes a critical look at their processes, holdings and supply chain to work out where they are being most wasteful with carbon, then taking action to reduce this carbon. A successful carbon accounting undertaking will lead to significant reductions in carbon pollution from a business's activities, and equally significant cash savings.

Award Winning Supply Chain & Scope 3 Sustainability Experts

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Supply Chain & Scope 3 Sustainability Experts

If you've tried to reduce your organisations carbon emissions, you'll have run into the problem of Scope 3 by now. The bulk of most organisations carbon emissions are in their supply chain – and for any major organisation, working out how to optimise supply chain is a problem too large for any person or department to handle.

That's where we come in. Our cutting-edge AI, GreenInsight, has been built from the ground up to solve this problem. GreenInsight is a carbon accounting engine that goes through all of your procurement data in order to analyse your supply chain emissions, finding the crucial information you need, hot spots, main offenders, quick wins and a detailed breakdown. We provide the same service for scopes 1 & 2, for a fully comprehensive solution.

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Why us?

When we started Co2A our focus was on optimising supply chains and logistics. With the growing threat of climate change we changed our methods to better focus on sustainability. The design of GreenInsight was informed by this experience with supply chains, allowing us to create an intelligent solution capable of quickly analysing a clients supply chain and providing robust, workable data.

Our goal was to create a system that quickly gets to the root of the problem, allowing our clients to quickly understand the best moves they can employ to make their supply chains more optimised and sustainable. This allows for a variety of benefits above and beyond the sustainability factor, as a badly optimised supply chain will lead an organisation bleeding money and put them at greater risk of disruption when global issues implicate the world supply chain.


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Save Money

Each 1% reduction in carbon leads to an average saving of £1m for public companies.

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Save Time

Our process utilises AI to analyse your data, rather than slow and costly consultants.

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Reduce Emissions & Waste

Save the planet, improve your public image, and become eligible for government contracts.

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Protect Your Supply Chain

Covid has demonstrated how vulnerable companies with lengthy and overcomplicated supply chains are. Future-proof your business by ensuring your supply chain is as optimised as possible.

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Contact us for a free analysis of your overall carbon footprint and a fixed fee for the detailed analysis right down to the products and services you buy.

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