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We are an organisation of data specialists with a long background in supply chain and carbon analysis.

Our solution whilst complex in its analytical capabilities, is easy for our customers to use. We simply need the data from your business and finance systems which is transferred to our data centre using a secure file transfer protocol.

Because your data is likely to be complex we run it through the artificial intelligence engine several times to ensure that everything is complete, if we find omissions we liaise with you to request additional files. This process typically take 4 weeks after which we run the complete dataset and produce your workbook and interactive carbon reduction forecaster.

We workshop the findings with you and your teams to ensure that you can take action based on the information and use it to drive forward your Net Zero planning. The solution was developed as part of a series of Knowledge Transfer Partnerships with Reading University and Goldsmiths University Cybernetics Departments. A team of thirteen academics were involved and three PhD’s, one Msc and  five Professorship's were awarded for the work which won global awards for innovation.

The solution uses artificial intelligence to identify, classify and analyse large product and service data sets quickly and accurately. From this a carbon footprint can be attributed at product level giving a high level of confidence in the results of the carbon foot printing exercise. For individual products the ability to drill down into the product attributes and components means that companies can measure the carbon footprint of individual products and services and work to reduce these.

What we offer?
Our Solutions

  • High Level Organisational Carbon footprint
  • Detailed organisational carbon footprint
  • Product Carbon footprint
  • SECR and Green Plans
  • Net Zero consultancy and planning
  • SME automated carbon footprint tool