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GreenInsight, award winning carbon accounting and savings AI

GreenInsight provides you with a detailed understanding of your purchased goods and services. It provides you with a level one carbon footprint for all of your identified goods and services, which then build into a department-by-department and organisational view ready for you to take action.

Once you have your data you can use tools such as our supplier pareto and interactive carbon reduction planner to accelerate your journey to net zero. For your internal teams the detailed departmental views allow you to start the process of setting carbon budgets.

Our goal is to provide you with the best possible understanding and data on what is going on behind the scenes in the areas where the majority of your money is spent and carbon is produced, allowing you to make the best possible decisions.

AI powered carbon acounting engine

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What does the process look like?

Data Handling

Data Handling
You provide us with your finance and procurement data through a secure connection. We will not use your data for any purposes other than running it through GreenInsight to create your analysis.


Once we have the data we upload it into the AI and start to check for inconsistencies. If we find missing data we continue to work with your finance team to ensure the best possible extract. Depending on the size of your organisation and any complexities within multiple systems it then take around two days for a smaller organisation, or up to a week for a large and complex organisation, to finish processing the data.


Once the analysis is completed, we export the output into an excel workbook for you to review. Alternatively we can export it into a different solution such as Microsoft Power BI if desired.

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How will the output help you?

The output is designed to be simple to access and drill through without special training. This means that the data can be used widely throughout the organisation with different teams. Here are some of the main benefits;

Find out the carbon impact of your Tier 1 supply chain
The data shows you how much carbon each of your suppliers is responsible for creating for your organisation. You can then look at your top products and categories to see which individuals things that you are buying are creating the most carbon. For most organisations less than 100 suppliers are responsible for the bulk of emissions, the analysis shows you who these are in details and provides a readily populated carbon reduction planner for working with your key suppliers.

Contract compliance and demand management
Within large organisations there is inevtiable inefficiency at the requsitioner level. Sometimes people don't know that there is a contract in place or they buy more than they need or indeed put partly used products in the waste. All of this creates unnecessary carbon consumption and the data can be interrogated at line item level to see what's being bought, in detail.The good news is that a 1% saving in carbon is easy to achieve and translates into a 1% cashable saving in turnover which can be substantial.

Working with your smaller suppliers and SME's
Smaller suppliers have struggled to provide meaningful information on their carbon impact and this has often disadvantaged them in tender situations. We have created an SME net zero planning tool that you can use with your smaller suppliers. It's not only helpful to you, but it also helps them with their others customers, too.

Department carbon budgets
The line item data for the entire organisation can be attributed to each department or project according to your chart of accounts. This level of granularity allows each department to interrogate their carbon consumption, make suggestions for reductions and begin to set carbon reduction goals.

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The key to gaining the most from the analysis lies in getting to grips with the data and taking action.

  • Carbon Savings
    For most companies the majority of carbon is in their supply chain. You can start making significant progress by working with your key suppliers to understand their net zero plans. Their emissions are your emissions, so truly achieving net-zero starts with them.
  • Cash Savings
    In Scope 3 there is a direct relationship between carbon and cash savings. 1% of carbon saved leads to a typical cash saving of 1% of turnover, which for most large organisations will be in the millions. Go here to learn more about savings.
  • More Flexible and Resilient Supply Chain
    By better understanding your suppliers and where they are located, you can future-proof your supply chain against climate disruption, the benefits and importance of which is becoming more and more clear. This can be further improved by utilising our secondary service, the TCFD Compliance Check.
  • Meet Net-Zero Goals
    Improve public perception, save the planet and streamline your business.
  • Put Yourself in a Strong Position to Win Tenders
    Public sector and increasingly private sector tenders are asking detailed questions on what an organisation is doing to reach net-zero across all 3 Scopes, how resistant they are for climate disruption, and their plans for the future. By utilising our services you can demonstrate that you go above and beyond what is required and offer added value at tender.
  • Ensure a Meaningful and Positive Dialogue with Shareholders
    For large private sector organisations and those quoted on global stock markets, TCFD is becoming a critical part of the annual audit and shareolders want to know that the companies they invest in understand the financial impacts of climate on theri business and have risk mitigation and reduction strategies in place.
GreenInsight benefits

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Other Benefits

We work with many businesses, many of whom use the same suppliers. As more of our clients engage with these suppliers to make changes to become more carbon neutral, they become increasingly likely to take action. You may find some of your suppliers are already implementing carbon reduction plans as a result of our previous activities with other clients.

Our carbon reduction planner allows you to plug your suppliers net-zero plans directly into your own, allowing you to create net-zero projections in which you can see your carbon futures forecast. This makes it especially easy to see which of your suppliers are working with your net-zero aims, and which are not contributing.

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Longer Term

Depending on how often you need your supply chain and procurement analysed, we can set up monthly, quarterly or yearly analyses. We recommend that after the initial analysis you schedule an annual refresh, as during the year you will be working with the interactive carbon planner in real time and then annually you will track the performance of each of your departments.

If you have any further questions about GreenInsight please send us an email, we will be happy to help. If you are interested in using GreenInsight to optimise your organisation, book a demo here.

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