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April 5, 2022

We’ve been Accelerated

We are excited to announce that we have been accepted into Microsoft’s Sustainable AI Accelerator Program. This program is dedicated to helping early-stage companies in the sustainable AI sector grow, part of a push from Microsoft to fund the development of climate change solutions.

Microsoft’s UK Chief Sustainability Officer, Musidora Jorgensen, said: “Climate change is one of our most pressing threats and we need solutions quickly to deal with the problems we face. We know artificial intelligence is a powerful tool we can deploy today to make progress. These ten creative companies have been selected for their focus on significant industry challenges and our ambition is that with Microsoft’s support we can crack them.”

At CO2A we agree that climate change is the most pressing threat facing humanity. Anyone who reads the headlines will know that we need to act fast to prevent global warming rising above 2C and that once we pass this point irreversible change will occur. We are expected to pass 1.5C of warming around 2031, and 2C of warming around 2043. Unfortunately, it is increasingly clear that the governments of the world are unable to make the radical change necessary to solve this issue. In this case we can only rely on rapid technological advancement, of which we at CO2A hope to be a part. We are really pleased to be working with Microsoft to accelerate our solutions and help our customers tackle climate change now.

CO2A and the other organisations will receive: four months of workshops, seminars, coaching and advice from AI experts, commercial development and social impact from Microsoft, the Met Office and Social Tech Trust. We are also delighted to be part of the sustainable AI start-up community and have been very impressed by the ideas and insights of our peers.

With Microsoft’s support we anticipate fast progress, continuing to develop our AI to provide deep insights for our customers and tools to help them take action.  Armed with their knowledge, our customers can become more and more efficient in their Scope 3 emissions, reach net-zero, and become part of a worldwide drive to tackle climate change.

After the four-month program ends we will remain part of the Microsoft for Startups/Global Social Entrepreneurship Programme community for eight months to continue our technical and sales development. We will also join the Social Tech Trust’s portfolio and receive ongoing support and have access to a network of Social Tech alumni.