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March 11, 2024

Saudi Arabia based ATM launched the new service at IBE Procurement 24 in Riyadh

HAMPSHIRE, UK. March 5th, 2024 – As a leading energy exporter with responsibility to help maintain global energy security, Saudi Arabia recognizes the urgent need for climate collaboration. Achieving a green future is a global imperative. Saudi Arabia aspires to enhance quality of life and safeguard future generations at home and beyond its borders. Working toward this goal, the Kingdom initiated “Saudi Green” initiative bringing together government ministries, private sector entities and foreign leaders under dual green initiatives, to identify and deliver on opportunities to rapidly scale climate action.

To support the delivery of these change programs, ATM has partnered with CO2Analysis to provide detailed carbon accounting to Saudi Arabia’s major companies and government bodies. CO2Analysis provides an AI carbon accounting engine which is focused on Scope 3, purchased goods and services emissions. Large organizations typically have over 80% of their emissions in Scope 3.  Since 2010, CO2Analysis has analyzed $2.5 trillion of detailed customer products and services spend across 150 countries and 32 currencies, making it the largest global repository of Scope 3 line item data. This breadth of information coupled with the tried and tested AI engine means that Saudi organizations will quickly move beyond the analysis phase, into taking action to reduce their carbon footprints in line with their 2030 target.

ATM is an engineering consultancy company established 1997, helping organizations building enterprise and cloud based innovative solutions. It has been supporting public and private sector organizations in Saudi Arabia since it’s inception. It has been instrumental in bringing a range of innovations and local content to the region and has identified carbon accounting as a next critical service for it’s customers.

Yasser AlFarhan, CEO of ATM, commented: “Our customers have become increasingly interested in sustainability and making measurable progress in decarbonisation. This partnership brings an established carbon footprint accounting service to the region, which operates at the level of detail needed to make meaningful change for our customers. With the deadline of 2030, there is no time to waste and the CO2Analysis solution can analyze $1bn in 2 days, meaning that our customers can immediately move to action.”

Lyn Duncan, CEO of CO2Analysis, commented: “We are delighted to partner with ATM for carbon accounting, we have had a long relationship with them helping bring innovative technology to the Kingdom and are confident that their expertise and capability will ensure a rapid uptake for the solution. Saudi is modernizing fast and sustainability is at the heart of the 2030 vision, we are excited to be part of that journey.”