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December 8, 2022

What we do

Carbon Accounting Software

Welcome to CO2A Global. We provide award-winning carbon accounting software.

Our unique AI analyses your greenhouse gas supply chain emissions quickly and accurately, giving you the tools you need to reach net zero. Book a demo to get started and calculate your carbon footprint with our tools.

What is Carbon Accounting?

Carbon accounting is a procedure in which a business takes a critical look at their processes, holdings and supply chain to work out where they are being most wasteful with carbon, then taking action to reduce this carbon. A successful carbon accounting undertaking will lead to significant reductions in carbon pollution from a businesses activities, and equally significant cash savings, and carbon accounting software is the most effective way to get started. Carbon accounting can also be called greenhouse gas emissions accounting.

Our Carbon Accounting Standards

We base our carbon accounting standards on the GHG protocol. GHG accounting standards form the gold standard for corporate and government greenhouse gas accounting. We hold ourselves to these standards for each analysis we run, so you can be assured that your final datapack will be above the required level of accuracy for any accreditations or tests you desire.