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Mandatory Climate Risk Disclosure laws are coming into effect from April 6th, 2022. Read more about it HERE.

We provide an analytical and automated service analysing our clients climate risk to the highest degree of detail and accuracy, drawing on a range of data sources. This requires you to have gone through the first stage of the analysis using our supply chain analysis & optimisation tool, GreenInsight. We can then provide you with a detailed breakdown on your climate risks, in a convenient form for disclosure to shareholders, investors and governing bodies.

  • The Full Climate Risk Check
  • Physical and Transitory risks
  • Supply chain risks
  • Governance
  • Strategy
  • Metrics and Targets


If you are just starting out with us and are interested in this service, let us know when you book a demo and we can include a physical risk assessment of your headquarters in your free demo, along with an analysis of your top suppliers and spend.



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The Data

Following our partnership with Microsoft via the Microsoft AI Accelerator, we have been in close contact with the MET Office, which provides us real-time data and forecasts up to 2070 on expected climate changes.


monthly average wind speed anomaly graph


Using this data and other sources we are able to look at any of the most crucial areas of your business and examine them for climate risk, creating a scenario planner where we can run various possible events to see how they will affect your business.

This can include a check-up of your most crucial suppliers, in order to see how much risk, they may be under from climate change.

Much like our other service, supply chain optimisation, it is much cheaper than equivalent services performed by consultants.

The final cost is dependent on the size of your company, operations, and the number of key physical properties or suppliers you wish us to perform a climate risk analysis on.

Book a demo today and get your full climate disclosure check-up sorted.